Free Business Advice and Support for North Norfolk Businesses

Running a small business can be rewarding however, it has it stresses and at times having someone impartial to discuss your company’s progress and any problems you’re facing can be extremely helpful.

Alex Till is the chief executive of Genix, a business support organisation which has been helping businesses for over 20 years. He’s well aware of the issues facing small businesses and says, “There’s often very little time for a business owner to step away from the day to day pressures of meeting deadlines and getting work done to have a good long look at how their business is doing, where new customers are to be found and what systems they could introduce to make their day that bit easier.

“For the past twelve months we’ve been providing free, one to one business support meetings in Norwich which have proved extremely popular. We realise, for many North Norfolk based businesses a trip to the city is not possible mid-week so we’re now able to offer the service at a local level.”

To help North Norfolk based companies, businesses and those who are self-employed, Genix now provides free, confidential, one to one business advice meetings on set dates in Cromer and Fakenham. These sessions are available to start-up, emerging and established businesses.

“We’ve made the booking system as easy and as quick as possible” commented Alex, “by going to and clicking the business advice button gives dates, times and location options.”
A business which has found the support of Genix invaluable is Bicycle Links.

Bicycle Links is a Norwich based bicycle shop and a social enterprise, plus a bike hire centre and café - all under one roof. Lucy Hall the Project Manager wanted to explore different options to grow the business so met with Genix adviser, Gary Parker, in June of this year. Since then, Lucy has had several meetings and on-going discussions with Gary and his colleagues covering ideas around grant funding, marketing and networking. Lucy as found these extremely beneficial and has enabled her to look at new ideas and share some of the workload with other like minded entrepreneurs.

Genix business adviser, Gary Parker said, “It’s easy to assume that running a business will come naturally when you’re passionate about your enterprise and working long hours. Finding out about better ways of marketing, financial planning, book keeping and business networking can all make a difference as to whether a business will struggle or grow.  Business skills can be learnt and at Genix we’re keen to help with knowledge and information to ensure successful outcomes.”

As well as business advice sessions Genix hosts Coffee Means Business, a monthly networking event held on a rotating basis in North Walsham, Cromer and Fakenham. Coffee Means Business is hosted by Genix and supported by North Norfolk District Council and will be held  at Scarborough Hill Country Inn, North Walsham on Friday 23 September 2016 from 9.30am until 11.30am.  It costs just £2 per person, payable on arrival and there are no membership fees. The event is sponsored by Different Dimensions and it will be a great opportunity to make new contacts over coffee and biscuits. There’ll be short talks from Genix Patrons, Neil Burr of Designtec and Michelle Pollard of Spider Recruitment Services.

For more information regarding Genix business advice service, Coffee Means Business and the free business courses and seminars it holds please go to or call 0800 096 3013

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