Gender Equality and Diversity in Architecture

“You can’t have one tiny sector of society designing everybody else’s world - it’s just not right. A plurality of views adds to the complex wonder that makes up our world”

Hannah Wooller is an Architect and the Managing Director of Norwich-based practice Hudson Architects.

I was deeply inspired by Hannah as she joined the practice. Her drive and determination were unmatched and she was a fantastic teacher. She always had time to listen to me and support me as an RIBA Part 2 graduate.

In a profession that is struggling to find ways to enable women to progress into management, Hannah is one of the many outstanding female architects that are shaking off traditional societal norms. These brilliant people are finding concrete solutions to enable women to thrive and to succeed in this difficult profession.

Unfortunately though, architecture (and the wider professions that design, procure and build our environments) have much more work to do to address these imbalances. And it isn't just gender equality that needs to be improved. Diversity, ethnicity and social mobility (as Hannah discusses) also need to be addressed.

The AJ (Architect's Journal) have made positive steps forward with their Women in Architecture programme and awards, but practices do need to take accountability for their brilliant people. They must ensure policies are in place to balance equality and diversity in the workplace.

The architects I know are some of the most talented, driven and passionate people on the planet. I was very grateful for Hannah taking the time to speak to me and for continuing to inspire me.

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