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We are delighted to announce that the web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) teams at Tudor Lodge Consultants have recently started working with the wonderful team at Smiles Better Dental, the Manchester-based denture clinic and lab. Having previously had an underperforming website, we were approached by the team at Smiles Better Dental to redesign, reformat and update their website.

The main aim of the redesign and now ongoing SEO work is to both increase conversions as well as to climb up search engine rankings, specifically on Google, to build the brand name online and to increase the number of enquiries for the business.

Why SEO?

Although there are a multitude of marketing channels to be utilised online, SEO has over the years been proven time and again to be one of (if not) the most effective channels with regards to engagement, user engagement and customer loyalty. Paid advertisements and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising have their place, but they are well-known by most consumers to be paid for and therefore are not deemed to be ‘organic’ as SEO rankings are.

Ultimately, when it comes to rankings, SEO and organic rankings must be earned as opposed to paid for in the same way that paid for and promotional advertisements are.

What Does SEO for Smiles Better Dental Entail?

We have been updating the Smiles Better Dental website for a short period of time already and the rankings of the site are already starting to show some positive movement. We have been (amongst other actions) working on the initially fundamental, foundational SEO factors that Smiles Better Dental will need to push forward and up the rankings online:

  • Website Crawling – We have been working first and foremost to make sure that Google and indeed other search engines can understand the content and the context of the Smiles Better Dental Website. This means that any further and subsequent work will be picked up and better understood, and therefore better ranked
  • Online PR Activities – Another key part of SEO is to make sure the brand and the overall offering of the brand are promoted properly online, coming with clean links where necessary. Working with a range of online publications, we have been working to promote Smiles Better Dental online
  • On Site Content – The content of the website is another key area of focus for SEO. The website must have relevant and well-optimised content for search engines to crawl, read and understand and this includes landing pages, guides as well as other key information for the website.

With already positive indications for Smiles Better Dental we are looking forward to what the future holds for this exciting and forward-thinking brand.

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