Graduation success for Larking Gowen employees

  • Ashley Smith

One of Larking Gowen’s core values, ‘Passion for our people’, is the driving force behind the Larking Gowen Leadership Development Programme, which saw participants graduate on Wednesday 20 June. 

The 18-month programme was designed by Partner and head of the Training Committee, Steven Rudd, working with an external coach, to move selected employees on to the next stages of their careers. He believes this people-centred approach has a direct impact on the business, in improving client service as well as recruitment and retention, where there is strong competition for the best candidates. 

“Our business thrives with well-trained, motivated and driven teams,” says Steven Rudd. “‘Passion for our people’ makes sure we achieve this in a balanced way. We focus on all aspects of wellbeing, and that includes identifying and growing the potential of our employees. I’d like to congratulate our thirteen participants for rising to the challenge of implementing new ways of thinking, and for their dedication. We look forward to seeing their careers develop with us.”

Ashley Smith, who started the course whilst a Manager and was appointed to Partner at the firm earlier this year, says the scheme has helped develop his confidence. “I see myself as a leader for the first time,” he says. “The knowledge I’ve gained supports my new role as partner and the strategic thinking I need, helping to shape the future of the firm. It’s easy to concentrate on technical training because that’s what we deliver on a day-to-day basis, but the chance to focus on personal and career development is a distinct advantage, which sets Larking Gowen apart.”

 “Over the past 18 months we’ve gained the insight we need to become the leaders of the future. Through self-study, working with the external coach and an internal mentor, we were challenged to analyse our social interactions, to identify our strengths and areas to work on,” he explains.

“Most of us at Larking Gowen trained as accountants,” adds Steven Rudd. “This programme addresses the additional skills needed to run the business. It’s helped participants see opportunities, and to think differently to gain a competitive edge and make the firm a better place.”

Jon Woolston, Managing Partner, is delighted by the results he has seen. “The world, business and people expectations are changing faster now than ever. We need a management team that are not afraid to look forward and are able to help their clients and teams with the necessary skills to make sure our service continues to be relevant. The added confidence and knowledge this programme has delivered, sets the participants apart.”

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