HitFilm 2 slashes cost of pro video effects and editing with exciting new features

Filmmakers around the world now have some of the most exciting and powerful video effects and editing features at their fingertips, at entry-level prices, with the launch of HitFilm 2 from FXhome.

Fast to learn, and with limitless potential for discovery, the new software will enable beginner and semi-pro filmmakers alike to push the boundaries of video editing, visual effects and compositing without any compromises.

Just two highlights of the flagship package include the ability to work with 3D models and an all-new array-based particle system that can create fantastic, organic patterns and fractal shapes that would be impossible to achieve in a conventional particle simulator. These powerful tools will enable filmmakers to realise their creative visions with stunning professional results.

Users will also be able to play their animations back in real time with the new RAM Preview facility, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and easy review of footage.

Joshua Davies, FXhome founder and CEO said: “HitFilm 2 Ultimate is about giving our customers the best power-to-price ratio the post-production world has ever seen. Until now, this level of performance would have cost thousands of dollars. HitFilm 2 Ultimate is the only product to combine editing, visual effects and compositing without any compromises.”

HitFilm 2, FXhome’s flagship video editing, visual effects and compositing software is a major upgrade to an already much-loved package. New features in HitFilm 2 Ultimate include 3D model import, expanded editing features, advanced green screen removal, 17 new pro effects, mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems and Sony Vegas™ Pro 12 integration.

In addition to HitFilm’s 2D optical flow feature tracking, mocha HitFilm, created by Imagineer Systems exclusively for FXhome, provides planar tracking and 3D camera solving for all HitFilm 2 Ultimate users.

Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Imagineer Systems said: "mocha HitFilm is an exciting development for the new generation of filmmakers, from hobbyists and enthusiasts to indie filmmakers worldwide. We're proud to be working with FXhome to give people access to the same Hollywood-calibre tools as the pros. Filmmakers can easily integrate sophisticated elements like particles, explosions and 3D models in true 3D space using mocha's Planar Tracking technology."

Multiple 3D model formats can be imported to HitFilm 2 Ultimate, with full support for animation groups, soft self-shadowing, ambient occlusion, environment maps, motion blur and depth of field. The new 3D model features require no additional plug-ins.

HitFilm provides a unique blend of non-linear video editing, 2D and 3D compositing and advanced visual effects. Working in a single interface, filmmakers have all the tools they need at their fingertips. The creator can easily jump between their editing timeline and a sophisticated compositing environment, with full control over 3D particle simulation, media layers, color grading and 3D model animation,

The major new effects in HitFilm 2 Ultimate include: audio-driven, array-based particle simulation; 3D extrusion for text and media layers; advanced chroma key for professional green screen removal; procedural lens dirt; automatic light flares and parallax depth distortion for creating textured surfaces from 2D images.

Joshua Davies continued: “HitFilm 2 Ultimate is the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken. We have listened to what the filmmaking community has been saying and developed new features that give users a chance to push their projects further.

“A couple of extra features weren’t enough, so we’ve added the 3D model rendering, which is normally only found in high end software costing several thousand dollars, introduced several major new effects and reached out to Imagineer Systems to bring their planar technology to HitFilm users.”

“With over 150 pro effects and a built-in NLE there’s really nothing quite like HitFilm 2 Ultimate. We’re really excited to see how filmmakers will use the software to bring their ideas to life.”

HitFilm 2 Ultimate is released worldwide on November 1. It is available direct from the HitFilm.com website, priced at $399.
Also available is HitFilm 2 Express, an entry-level, streamlined version aimed at new filmmakers, priced at $149.
Upgrade discounts are available for existing users of HitFilm 1, with a free upgrade for those who purchased after October 1st.

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