Huxley Events Launch "Property Empire" Team Building Activity!

Property Empire

Huxley Events are delighted to announce the launch of a fresh, new virtual team experience “Property Empire”! Perfect of groups from 10-100+ Guests wanting to immerse themselves into something completely new!

  • An exciting, unique and never done before, realistic glimpse into the complex world of real estate investing
  • Created by real life investors who are walking the walk and talking the talk
  • If you’re looking for a new experience to get your team talking and their hearts racing then this is the one for you.

The aim of the game is for teams to build a property portfolio, accumulating as much wealth as possible.

The winning team are the team with the most money at the end. They do this through three rounds and during each, they acquire varying amounts of investment properties and cash. Their choices at the start of each round, and their success in navigating the different challenges that await, will determine their position at the end.

After a short introduction into the world of property investing, teams will be given the choice of what investment strategy they want to follow first. Their choice will determine their possible score, which will add to their wealth.

The first round is a series of property-themed multiple-choice riddles and brain teasers, with questions designed to engage all participants, varying from mathematical puzzles to wordy brain teasers (no prior knowledge of the property world required).

Round 2 then takes teams to their second choice of strategy. After they have decided their investment route, they must work through a series of light hearted but realistic, hypothetical property-based scenarios (scenarios range from tenant issues to moral dilemmas, to how to deal with shady investors).  With each scenario teams must decide what kind of investor they want to be, and how much risk they are willing to take. This will really test a team’s communication, risk analysis and decision-making skills, whilst giving them a glimpse into the ever surprising, and sometimes murky world of real estate.

The final round is a series of fast paced questions and challenges, where a team effort is required if they are to answer all the questions in time. The questions are fun and interesting, and are based on wealth and real estate.

In between rounds, teams will see their wealth increase or decrease before their very eyes, based on their decisions and scores, encouraging competition and excitement. In addition, throughout the event, teams will have the opportunity to boost their wealth through bonus questions, and other surprise elements. However, as is true in the real world of property investing, teams’ journeys won’t always be plain sailing. There will be curve balls and setbacks, which could damage their investments, and ultimately jeopardise their position on the leader board. It will be down to each team to decide how to respond!

Are you brave enough to build your empire?

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