Huxley Events & Virtual Events Directory Ambassador Programme!

Huxley Events are delighted to say we are now proudly part of the Virtual Events Directory Ambassador Programme!

An absolute "must" platform for those working on virtual events, and in a virtual world. We've already had some great enquiries and on-going referrals. They're also have a series of super interesting Knowledge Sessions, check them out.

Offering virtual events has been so important due to the pandemic to help keep teams connected and engaged, but will also help connect teams in the future. Will the increased homeworking and virtual working, now more than ever we need to bond teams!

We’ve run events for all sorts of groups including those looking for;

  • Team building activities (with “Virtually Killed” being our most popular)
  • Events to welcome new members of the team
  • Social activities for companies and their suppliers
  • Teams wanting to have fun together/social events
  • We’ve even run events for a leaving do!

Popular activities include Virtually Killed (Virtual CSI Experience), Escape Rooms, Cookery and lots more!

Are you well connected with your team right now? Looking for some fresh new ideas? Contact Huxley Events to see how we can help!


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