Indigo Swan have appointed a new Managing Director...

We are delighted to announce that James Groves, our current Commercial Director, has been promoted to Managing Director effective from 1st May 2019. I'm sure everyone at Indigo Swan will join me in taking this opportunity to congratulate James and we couldn't be happier to see you in your new role. 

James said: “To become Managing Director of Indigo Swan is the single greatest achievement of my life so far, other than my wife saying yes to marrying me! I am extremely honoured and proud that Emily has entrusted me with the future success of the company and the continued growth and development of the swan family.”

James’ promotion will also see Emily, Founder and original Managing Director, move to Executive Chair. She said: “Almost 10 years ago I founded Indigo Swan and it has been an exhilarating journey so far.  With a very clear sense of who we are, what matters most to us and a desire to do our best every day I am incredibly proud of the organisation we are today and our bold ambitions for the future. James’s passion for Indigo Swan has fuelled our success and empowered our Swans.” 

Emily added: “The culture we’ve purposefully nurtured at Indigo Swan has made it possible that this transition feels completely natural and exciting. I’m delighted that, whilst I’ll continue to work in partnership with James to guide the strategic direction of Indigo Swan, I will also have the opportunity to devote time to my wider enthusiasm for awesome company cultures.”


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