Introducing the Breakwater Hub

At Breakwater IT we want to provide our clients with five-star customer service in the most convenient ways.

When a client gets in touch with us, this usually means something within their IT has gone wrong. This can often cause stress and interruptions to their working day. Our engineers aim to resolve these problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, we are always investing in new technologies to support both our clients and our team.

We are pleased to now officially introduce the Breakwater Hub.

The Hub is a new way for our clients to log IT tickets. Using an installed desktop application or web browser, each individual staff member can login to their own platform and give a detailed report of their issue.

Pre-set questionnaires for ticket requests allow individuals to answer simple questions within the Hub. This helps to minimise the back and forth between our engineers and clients. When received by an engineer, these questions enable them to identify and resolve the issue quickly.

Sometimes, an engineer may still need additional details from the client. In this instance, they can reply to the client directly in the Hub. The client can also then respond using a simple chat function.

The Hub contains useful features for our clients, allowing them to not only raise new tickets but monitor open and closed tickets. When checking on an open ticket, individuals can use the chat, see which engineer is assigned to the ticket, the priority level, ticket number and more. They can even close the ticket if needed. When reviewing closed tickets there is an option to reopen a ticket within 30 days if the issue has resurfaced. They can also view all the details from the ticket history.

Additional features can also be added to a certain employees Hub. The features available now include invoicing and quotes. These functions allow those employees to view their invoices and any quotes given with Breakwater.

We will also be introducing new features soon including an instant messaging chat function, and shops. Shops will allow clients to browse products such as laptops, monitors, accessories and more! They are then able to order these directly with us using the Hub.

The Hub has been in testing recently with a few clients, but is now being rolled-out to all existing and new clients. We are excited to move forward with a new, more efficient way of supporting businesses with their IT.

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