Ipswich ‘Northern Fringe Area’ - Issues and Options Report consultation exercise

Steeles Law Head of Planning and Environment David Merson reports on Ipswich Borough Council’s latest development plan proposals for the ‘Northern Fringe Area’.

Ipswich Borough Council has, as part of its Core Strategy (Policy CS10), identified an area of approximately 200ha on the northern edge of its urban area, between Henley Road in the west and Tuddenham Road in the east (the Northern Fringe Area) as land for the development of 1,000 – 1,500 dwellings and associated facilities prior to 2021 on part, and as a broad area for up to a further 3,000 – 3,500 dwellings and associated facilities after 2021 on the remainder.

The Council is in the process of preparing a Supplementary Planning Document providing a development brief to: guide the development of the whole Northern Fringe Area; identify the infrastructure that developments will need to deliver on a comprehensive basis alongside new housing, including community facilities and, at an appropriate stage, the provision of a railway crossing to link potential development phases, in the interests of sustainability and integration; and set out a schedule of infrastructure charges.

As part of that process, the Council is holding a public consultation exercise seeking views on its proposals. This exercise is to run for six weeks from 10:00am on Saturday 12 January until 5:00pm on Friday 22 February and will include various ‘drop-in presentations’ and a public meeting together with presentations to two Area Committees.

The Issues and Options Report is available online at the Council’s website and copies can also be obtained direct from the Council.

If you are affected by these proposals and wish to have assistance in making representations to the Council or require further information or advice on any issues raised in this article or any other planning and environmental matter please contact David Merson on 020 7421 1720 or at dmerson@steeleslaw.co.uk

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