Island Life

Just about every kitchen can benefit from a well-designed island or peninsular unit.  Amongst other things, good kitchen design is about using space effectively.  And, although you might think islands are only suitable for larger kitchens, a bespoke unit will ensure that whatever your kitchen’s shape and size, an island will work hard for you.

Islands also work brilliantly as hubs for everyone to congregate around, so if you prefer to cook and chat, an island is a must-have.  Adding complementary appliances – for example, a wow-factor wok burner or a tepan - is another way of making your island a multi-tasking area.  A smaller sink for prepping works well, as does a boiling water tap, or a tap with a pull-out rinse.  At a lower level, think about using your island for serious storage – wide, roomy drawers are perfect for pots and pans, while open shelving can house your cookbook collection. Integrating a small wine cooler works well, too.

In the spirit of island life, here are some of our best…


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