JMS - helping to ease pressure on the NHS

Every winter you hear the same stories about the pressures on the NHS. 

So how can we help to alleviate that pressure? We’ve been asked by the NHS in South West London to produce a series of awareness commercials to educate the public. Topics include the importance of getting the flu jab and the often overlooked services that pharmacists can provide.

The JMS Group was founded nearly 40 years ago to produce commercials for the burgeoning commercial radio industry. People’s listening habits have changed greatly over the decades and this campaign reflected that. The commercials have been booked to run on both a traditional local radio station (Radio Jackie, one of the original pirate stations) and a modern streaming service (Spotify, targeting users in south west London).

Even though people’s listening habits have changed, they are still listening! And we’re still reaching them with effective advertising campaigns!


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