Leaflet Drops Work for Norfolk Car Club

When Rex Warner of Norfolk Car Club was looking to promote the next stage of his ’not for profit’ business, we were recommended as an ideal print partner by long term client of Printbox UK, Steve Jenkins of SJD Graphic Design & Marketing

Norfolk Car Club provide new cars and vans for members to drive on a pay-as-you-go basis in Norfolk. Vehicles are operated nationally by Co-Wheels and membership allows use of any vehicle, operated by the company, throughout the UK.

Rex says, ”There are now 50 of these schemes in the UK; Norfolk Car Club being the largest of them. We presently have 40 vehicles and 50 designated parking bays in and around the city centre of Norwich and and aim to grow to about 120 vehicles with 65 new bays recently designated in Norwich.

We promote the scheme via a mix of PR, events, social media and our Refer a Friend scheme but find that targeted leafleting is very successful when we need to promote a new vehicle in a new area. The leaflets, produced in batches of 2,000 to 8,000 feature a photo of the vehicle parked in it’s designated bay in the street that we are soon to be opening and this helps to build interest. We know this type of marketing work as we always see spikes on our website traffic after a leaflet drop.”

200,000 leaflets later and Rex is planning more leaflet drops for the new sites.

 “Our leaflet campaigns are time specific and so I need to be sure that they will be delivered on time, on budget and good quality. Printbox UK deliver this, are easy to work with and if I ever have a query there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone.”

Printbox UK clients can receive up to £250 free driving with Norfolk Car Club. Businesses and organisations can sign up to the car club at www.norfolkcarclub.com, use promotional code "Printbox" each time you sign up a new driver to your account and receive £25 free driving per driver (up to 10 drivers / £250)

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