Liftshare is helping UK business to reach their Net Zero carbon emission pledges by taking 1 BILLION miles off of UK roads

With companies all over the UK racing to reduce their carbon footprint and plan how they can contribute to the Government’s recent announcement to pass net zero emissions into law, one organisation has been helping hundreds of the UK’s biggest businesses to prepare for this step-change.

The UK’s biggest carsharing platform, Liftshare, has just hit an incredible milestone. It has prevented 1 billion miles from being driven by encouraging people to share their journey, matching commuters and also working with employers to find smart transport solutions. was founded over 21 years ago by Ali Clabburn, a student in Bristol who was looking to get home to Norfolk, having spent his money on going out. He posted a note on the student union pinboard and the rest is history.

The platform recently welcomed it’s 1 millionth member, with each of its regular sharers saving on average £1,000. Every day, these sharers are saving around 1 million miles

While the first billion took 21 years to achieve, the rate of growth for Liftshare means that it will take less than 3 years to achieve its next billion miles. Liftshare’s work could be saving 10% of all commuting miles in 5 years time.

A video of how Liftshare have achieved a billion miles can be viewed on YouTube here:

But it’s not just the miles saved that is significant. That translates into 192,574 tonnes of CO2 not being released into the atmosphere. Too much CO2 in the atmosphere is a major contributing factor towards climate change. The average carbon footprint for a person is around 20 tonnes per year.

Alongside the public network, where anyone can sign up and find matches going their way, Liftshare also offer private schemes for businesses to help their staff travel more sustainably. This is where the majority of its growth has come from, with some of the biggest employers in the UK (such as Amazon, Ocado, BT and Heathrow) setting up schemes to help their staff travel more sustainably.

A company’s potential savings by using the platform can be enormous, with it currently saving businesses a combined £20 million per year. This figure comes from reductions in parking requirements and the associated costs of leasing spaces or land. With initiatives such as Workplace Parking Levies now being considered by local authorities, reducing the amount of private parking on-site could become an urgent priority for businesses in the near future Liftshare can also save businesses money by aiding the recruitment and retention of staff. A car-sharing scheme enables people to get to work cheaper and easier, but sharing also helps make the commute less stressful and you have someone to talk to.

Ali Clabburn, Founder and CEO, said, “I never imagined when I set up Liftshare over 21 years ago that we could have reached this incredible milestone. It feels like Liftsharing has finally gone mainstream and it’s now completely normal to share your journey. A million people can’t be wrong!

Liftsharing gives people the options that they need to travel sustainably. What most people don’t realise is how flexible carsharing can be. You don’t have to share every day, do what works for you. A lot of people are making a conscious effort to help the environment and be greener. Liftshare is one very easy way that you can help the planet, ease congestion in your local area and save a bit of money at the same time.”

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