Local Finance Firm Publishes Children's Book

  • Eddie Teddie with his book
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A local teddy bear is making waves in literary circles – and with young families – thanks to his debut novel.

Eddie Teddie has been a fixture at Face to Face Finance, a local firm of independent financial advisers, for a number of years. He has his own section on their blog as well as his own social media channels. Business owner, Julie Hunt, explains more:

“We believe the younger that people start to understand and take responsibility for their money, the better for their long-term financial security. Eddie Teddie is the perfect avenue for helping parents and carer to gently teach their children about money. We’ve had a great response to his articles and wanted to extend that through his book.”

Eddie Teddie’s Big Summer of Savingis aimed at children from age five to eight and is a fun story with a gentle message about the importance of saving up for things you really want. It features Eddie, along with some of his friends. Face to Face Finance is giving a copy to their clients – although some have already come back to buy more! Alternatively, you can buy directly from Face to Face Finance. Julie continues:

“When people buy from us directly, we’re giving them the option to buy a second copy at a discounted rate, with the spare copy being gifted to a disadvantaged child. We’re also setting aside a proportion of all profits to buy Medibears for the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. 

The book was created partly as a fun aside, but we hope to do some good as a result. The dream is to get the book into local schools.”

Eddie’s book was officially launched at the Great Ellingham Teddy Bear Festival. He’s since been spreading the word with Julie amongst local businesses and will be making more personal appearances, with signed copies available, in the coming weeks.

The book was written, designed and printed with the help of local marketing agency, Example Marketing and Web Design.

To buy a copy of the book, please email info@ftof-finance.co.uk. Eddie’s book will soon also be available to buy on Amazon.

Photo credit: Paul Macro Photography

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