A message from Richard Nash, Soul Foundation

Soul Foundation runs a programme through which, in normal times, it distributes food equating to approximately 1,000 meals a week to people in significant need.

This food is sourced from supermarkets and others who have short-lifed stock to dispose of. Norwich City Council have asked the Foundation to be one of three food hubs for Norwich, to help meet the significantly increased need brought about by the current situation. This week we have distributed the equivalent of more than 12,000 meals and we aim to build this to 30,000 per week.

This scaling up has, inevitably, necessitated significant changes to the way in which we operate and we are having to source food through new channels. In some cases this means paying for it although at reduced prices.

We are keen, therefore, to identify other potential suppliers whether for free or heavily discounted. Specific current requirements are for potatoes, crisps, rice, sauces for pasta meals, ready-made meals and long-life milk but we would also like to hear of potential supplies of other foods and toiletries.

I can be contacted on 07836 525555 or at richard.nash@soulfoundation.co.uk.


Richard Nash

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