Moco Helps Broadland Council Boost Communication

MoCo Development has been working closely with Broadland District Council to deliver a programme of training focusing on internal and external customer service as well as improving communication channels. The council has reported significant benefits from the training that have fundamentally changed the way it communicates with both its customers and internal staff.

HR and Customer Services Manager at Broadland District Council, Dee Young (pictured), said: “MoCo’s initial training with us focused on improving our customer services. This had a dual purpose. Firstly we used the sessions as a way for our new Chief Executive, Phil Kirby, to meet the staff of each of the council’s services and find out how they operate. Plus, customer service is always something we want to improve, so it was the ideal focus for the training.

“The MoCo training was very well delivered, by Stephen Ferrey. His style is very upbeat, friendly and he encourages participants to be interactive and to really get involved. There were plenty of challenges and exercises to make us think and question the way we did things. It was a great refresher. Everyone enjoyed it. It was trialled with Heads of Service and then rolled out more broadly within the organisation.”

Dee Young continued: “As a result of this initial training, we realised it had underlined the way we communicate internally and raised some questions about how we could improve the way each department talks to each other. The sessions presented a great opportunity for colleagues from different departments to talk to each other at length, share knowledge and find the best, most cost effective solutions to a range of challenges.

“So we asked Steve to return for another training programme focusing on flexibility and communication. The number and diversity of different professionals under one roof here is unique, I think, and the links between departments are key to developing good communication. We are a multi-skilled organisation and Steve helped us to see that regular sharing of knowledge and encouraging a co-operative approach would not only improve efficiency and customer care, but build stronger working relationships and team spirit.

“After the training we came away with a set of personal and team goals. Change has to come from the top, and one of our goals was to hold regular meetings with middle managers, which we never used to do before. That has now been put in place and is working very well.

“Together with other middle managers I am going to be delivering a presentation to the Executive Team about what we got out of the training and how we can continue to work through any blockages in our system using the methods that Steve taught us. MoCo has been pivotal in helping us to achieve real change, giving us the tools and thought processes that we can put into practice and reap the rewards.”

Steve Ferrey, MD of MoCo, said: “Organisations like Broadland District Council are unusual in that they have so many different skill sets within one place. It is sometimes hard for them to find a way to pool that incredibly valuable resource for the benefit of all. Our training helped them to unblock and let the knowledge flow from department to department. This will have numerous long-term benefits, such as improved morale, happier customers, cost savings and better efficiency.”

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