More over 60s getting divorced

Recent local media reports have indicated that more over 60s are getting divorced.  This follows a recent report published by the Office for National Statistics.

Emma Alfieri from our family team comments: “The team has seen an increasing number of Divorce Petitions being brought amongst the older generation, particularly those in their 60s and 70s.  The reason for the steady rise appears to be down to a number of social factors, including the fact that both sexes are living longer as it is reported that life expectancy has increased, particularly for men.

We are experiencing many older clients that are becoming disillusioned with their marriages once the children have flown the nest and for many, the view seems to be that retirement is the start of the next phase of their lives, not the end.

There also appears to be an increase in women’s independence, and cultural values give the perception that divorces are now more socially acceptable”.

Financial matters can be more complicated when over 60s are going through divorce proceedings, particularly when pensions are in payment.  Therefore we would suggest that early legal advice is sought.

For further information please contact our family team.

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