Motivation – the missing piece of the performance map

How do you know what motivates your employees? What motivates the team? And, how motivated are they? More importantly, what can you do to improve motivation and is it worth the effort ie will it impact on the bottom line!

Motivational Maps ® is a mapping tool that helps self-awareness, and can be undertaken at an individual level or aggregated at team level. It can specifically help organisations to understand where they have pockets of demotivated staff and provide practical solutions to address the problem areas. It is particularly effective as a tool to assist in recruitment and as well as helping people to understand their key motivators; it can also assist in career advice and transition. If the employee is in the right role, i.e. one that meets their motivational needs, it correlates directly with improved productivity in the company.  It hits the areas that have a meaningful impact and has already been used by thousands globally, including many blue chip companies.

Turning Factor is now licensed to assess and deliver Motivational Maps®. Kathryn Horton, Director, said that it is incredibly rewarding to see such a positive impact on individuals. It also fits well with how we support companies at a strategic level. Motivational Maps ® is a fabulous tool that has already made an impact in the companies that have used it.  

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