MP George Freeman see the benefit of low carbon district heating scheme

  • George Freeman MP visits district heating scheme at Orchard Close in South Norfolk installed by Finn Geotherm
    George Freeman MP with Guy Ransom of Finn Geotherm at Orchard Close in Watton
  • Guy Ransom of heat pump company Finn Geotherm with George Freeman MP at a district heating scheme in South Norfolk
    The district heating scheme at Orchard Close has cut energy bills for tenants by two-thirds and carbon emissions from heating and hot water by three-quarters

Attleborough based renewable heating expert Finn Geotherm, has met Mid-Norfolk MP, George Freeman to discuss the enormous opportunities for heating homes across the county and beyond using low carbon renewable energy, which can also substantially reduce energy bills.


The meeting took place at Orchard Close in Watton, an affordable housing scheme built by Flagship Group, where Finn Geotherm has installed an award-winning district heating scheme using ground source heat pump technology. The scheme has cut energy bills for tenants by two-thirds and carbon emissions from heating and hot water by three-quarters.


Guy Ransom, commercial director at Finn Geotherm, said: “It was very useful to be able to show George Freeman what can be achieved using heat pump technology. Heat pumps could not only go a long way towards helping the government achieve its Clean Growth Strategy, but also in saving consumers money on their heating bills, particularly in rural areas such as Norfolk where ‘conventional’ heating choices are limited.”


George Freeman MP, said: “Can we reduce household heating costs, reduce carbon and grow our local economy? Yes, and the answer is here in Norfolk. Finn Geotherm is providing a heat exchange system that dramatically reduces household costs. That’s world class innovation, pioneered in Norfolk, creating jobs in Norfolk, and improving the quality of life for all of us here in Norfolk.”


Guy Ransom added: “The dual ogres of fuel poverty and high carbon emissions caused by outdated heating systems remain a huge problem throughout the UK, and particularly for the social housing stock of rural areas such as East Anglia. These problems can however be solved via the use of ground source heat pumps, a tried and tested, highly efficient technology.


“We are calling on the government to grasp the extent to which heat pump systems are a huge part of the solution to solving our fuel poverty and carbon emission problems.”


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