NANSA Crowdfunder

NANSA, a disability charity for people in Norfolk, has almost raised enough money for a minibus!

Can you help with the final stages?

Why do we need a minibus?

We currently have two cars, a Berlingo and Kangoo. These are used to take members from our Youth and Adult Services on outings, such as bowling or swimming. 

These are the challenges we are currently faced with:

  • Our numbers have outgrown the size of these vehicles. The cars fit a maximum of three members in each, but across all services there are 140 people that attend NANSA! 
  • Although the cars have wheelchair space, they don't cater for all wheelchair specifications, meaning that some people are unable to join in on outings.  
  • Our support workers struggle to transport wheelchair users into the cars, as you can see in the film. 

So, how would a minibus help?

It would benefit us in lots of different ways:

  • First and foremost, it's a 16 seater, so we would be able to take large groups out. This would give members the opportunity to experience more and visit lots of different places.
  • The minibus fits all wheelchair specifications (check out the space in the back!) so our outings would be fully inclusive. 
  • There is an automated lift which would make transporting wheelchair users much more straightforward, as well as saving our support workers' backs!
  • The range of activities would be broadened, and people would have much more choice in what they want to get out of NANSA's services.
  • Some members are doing courses where they can gain a nationally accredited Gateway qualification, promoting employment opportunities. With a minibus, members would be able to get much more out of these courses, as they would be able to visit places in the community, reinforcing what they have learnt during sessions. 
  • A minibus would ultimately allow our members to access the wider community on a regular basis, and therefore integrate into society. 

Please check out our Crowdfunder film here:


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