Monday 8th April 2013 - New Airport App launched
Norwich International Airport has launched a free Smartphone app to complement the existing iPhone App which has also just been upgraded to accommodate the iPhone 5 requirements.
With over 50% of the UK now owning a Smartphone* this new app will make it easier for holiday makers and business travellers to access real time flight information and the latest airport news and provides a real alternative to calling the airport or visiting the website.
Andrew Bell, CEO of Norwich International said: “Following customer feedback regarding accessing up to date flight information, we have now extended the airport’s app to be available on all Smartphone’s, so that anyone with this app can have access to instant and up to date flight information at their fingertips. We see this as the essential app for anyone using Norwich International Airport.”
The app is available via the iPhone App store and the Google Play store for users of Smartphones and in the first 24 hours it had received over 500 downloads from the iPhone store.
*understanding the UK’s mobile consumer behaviour, Google.

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