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  • Shaun Coleman
    Shaun Coleman

Alan Boswell Financial Planners are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Core Advice Team to help close the advice gap here in Norfolk, and further afield. In 2013 the Financial Conduct Authority removed most commission payments within financial advice. The advice now needs to be paid for separately from any charges that apply to the product being recommended and while this is entirely appropriate there have been some unintended consequences.

For example, a client who wishes to invest £30,000 often may struggle to find a financial planner to advise on this amount for a reasonable fee.

It has led to an advice gap, whereby a number of firms providing financial advice withdrew services for those with less than £100,000 to invest. Some companies introduced robo-advice, an online solution where clients were taken through an online journey and didn’t interact with a financial adviser at all! At Alan Boswell Financial Planners we recognise that financial advice needs the personal touch to fully understand the client’s circumstances. The Core Advice Team (CAT) is our answer.

Alan Boswell Financial Planners – Core Advice Team

The Core Advice Team can advise on virtually all areas of an individual’s financial planning needs. The team provides advice face to face in Alan Boswell’s Norwich office but can also operate over the telephone and via online systems such as Skype to ensure comprehensive advice is delivered in the most cost effective way possible for the client.

Quality advice that clients can trust is paramount and the dedicated team is led by Shaun Coleman, a Chartered Financial Planner with 25 years of advice experience.

 “Alan Bowell and Company has seen the increasing difficulty people have when they want to access high quality financial advice at a reasonable cost. This is of particular concern given the ever increasing array of options available and the sometimes significant impact a wrong decision by a person, who doesn’t have access to advice, can make. Alan Boswell’s decision to set up a specialist team to aim to address this growing issue is good news for those who need advice they can trust, at a price they can afford. As a Chartered Financial Planner, I am very pleased to have been appointed as head of this team and we are looking forward to addressing the gaps in the availability of advice that Alan Boswell’s has identified.”

What does the Core Advice Team charge?

There is no charge for the initial one hour consultation. Subsequently, the team typically charges a minimum initial advice fee of £750. The minimum advice fee will often be significantly lower than fees charged by other financial advisers who may charge £1,500 or more on a £30,000 investment and possibly up to £3,000 on a £100,000 investment.     

A higher fee may of course be chargeable for more complex or involved work, or for advice on multiple products but all fees would be fully discussed and agreed at the outset before any work is undertaken.

If you’d like to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation, call Alan Boswell Financial Planners on 01603 967967.


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