New housing developers: make your homes Hyperfast

County Broadband is looking to work with new housing developers to ensure their homes can access Hyperfast, future ready broadband.

We have secured a £46million investment from Aviva Investors, which we are using to deliver this network to homes across Norfolk.

Hyperfast broadband is delivered by Fibre to the Property (FTTP) and delivers connectivity that is only available to 8% of the UK – homes with this type of broadband access are highly desirable to new home buyers.

As technology evolves, homes will require future ready internet connections to keep up with the demands of streaming, gaming, multiple device sharing, download and uploading – only Hyperfast FTTP broadband will ensure that your newly built homes can keep up with these demands.  

County Broadband is looking to build this type of next generation broadband network in your new housing development to enhance the selling potential of your homes.

Please contact Graham Day on 07850 971222 or email and join us on our journey to make Norfolk Hyperfast.

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