New mailing bag range allows online stores to stand out from the crowd.

It is widely accepted that online shopping is becoming more and more important for retailers, with an increasing amount of companies launching new or improved ecommerce services. Recent years have shown that more records are being been broken when it comes to spending online, not to mention the increase in the subsequent parcel deliveries. Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for everything from electronics and household goods to food and pet supplies.

This enormous increase in parcels arriving on customers doorsteps presents a huge opportunity for business both large and small to stand out and impress their customers, whether new or existing. The need to start literally ‘thinking outside of the box’ and consider what products are being sent out in will become more and more essential. Given the amount of competition online shopping will generate, can businesses really not afford to try and make a great impression when it comes to packaging?

STM Packaging’s new Divinely Different range is a product which can assist e-retailers and give them a head start on their competition. The new mailing bags offer the opportunity for a unique, bespoke look without the costs normally associated with such a product. The range currently has a festive blue or red snowflake design as well as a chic pink, blue or green polka dot design, additional patterns are currently in development.

Divinely Different addresses the need that online retailers are now having to fight for position as offering the most complete online customer shopping experience. Investment in a great, user friendly website, exceptional products and second to none customer service really shouldn’t be let down by poor packaging. Divinely Different mailing bags gives businesses the opportunity to make a connection with their customers beyond the website, customers who receive their goods in a striking, patterned mailing bag will certainly remember where they purchased those products from. Companies invest huge amounts in making their online and high street stores an eye catching, pleasurable experience for their existing customers as well as being enticing for new customers, Divinely Different mailing bags gives retailers the chance to not have their hard work let down by the packaging.

To find out more visit the STM Packaging website here.

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