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  • NPT auditorium today
    NPT auditorium today and as we need to keep it!
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    NPT Puppet Bridge 39 years ago
  • How far we’ve come - maintaining NPT Standards
    How far we’ve come - maintaining NPT Standards since 1979

Great news at Norwich Puppet Theatre!

First, we are delighted to announce a grant of £25,000 from the Foyle Foundation to support our plans to uprade our critical theatre facilities and infrastructure and help us with our ambition to reinvent a New Model of a Real Theatre!

This grant is focused on materials, equipment and implementation costs and will help us address lighting and sound system reliability and flexibility, maintain our stage structure and various front of house and performer facilities. It’s all part of our 40th Year celebration and development programme.

Inevitably, this is one of the costs of cultural life in Norfolk! if your firm or you would like to support this project with matched funding through sponsorship or value-in-kind, please get in touch with us!

Secondly, we have been awarded £14,950 by Arts Council England for a collaboration with Norfolk Libraries to Pilot Puppetry in Libraries to help them in their goals to create fun opportunities for families to explore reading and culture where they live.  

There is a great opportunity for your company to invest in this project as we still need some matched funding. Any 4 figure sum would help enormously!

This is one of a number of exciting current opportunities to support projects delivering our work directly. Other very live projects are:

  • An updated touring version of our Beauty and the Beast show, set in 1930s Hollywood time and theme, and all about young people and self image. This is the subject of an application we are developing right now.
  • An exciting addition to our Creative Learning offers to develop workshop and skills activities for children with complex needs in partnership with their special schools and Anguish’s Educational Foundation in Norwich. This is largely funded and is in the detailed planning stage for work to start this September.

If you would like to discuss sponsoring any of these projects and what it could mean for your company, contact us on or call us now on 01603 615564.

Come and see us at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival Garden Party 18th and 19th May in Chapelfield Garden

Our half term programme offers families lots to do as well! 

Go to and see what you can book!

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