A new website to help with the 'new normal'

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Over recent weeks we’ve been asked to supply more and more ‘print’ related COVID-19 products to help businesses prepare for the return to work - and it’s worked really well.

As many of these products were of a standard design, we simply added them to our Expert Banner website and customers could buy online.

But posters and banners soon became floor vinyls and hand sanitiser gel, and then sanitiser stations and visors, and face masks, and acrylic counter screens, and door mats – you get the picture, I’m sure.

And all of a sudden I felt that it just didn’t fit together very well on the Expert Banner website.

So in super quick time, we set out to launch a brand new website – CovidEssential.online – and it’s now live and you can order online.

We’re adding new products to the site on a daily basis, so please check back once in a while.

If you ‘re looking for a solution that we don’t yet have on the site, send me a DM and I’ll look into it for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a company with a product that you think would be a suitable addition to the site, please send me the details and prices.

Remember – we’re coming back stronger!

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