Next Steps Towards Self-Build Norfolk

Chair of the National Self-Build Association Ted Stevens paid a visit to Lucas Hickman Smith today to discuss the next steps of our drive to promote an increase in self-build in Norfolk.

Over the last three years NaSBA has been working with the government on a range of measures to make it easier for people in the UK to build or commission their own homes, culminating in the inclusion of a ‘self-build clause’ in the National Planning Policy Framework published in April this year. The clause places local authorities under a new duty to assess the demand for self-build land in their area, then make plans to meet that demand. NaSBA has just published guidance for local authorities and developers on the new policies and how they are being implemented across the country.

Local authorities in the west and south-west of England have been the quickest to rise to the self-build challenge, with the east of England apparently lagging behind. Earlier this year, with this in mind, we published a discussion paper, ‘Self-Build Norfolk’, setting out the potential benefits of self-build to local housing-delivery and small businesses in the area – builders, materials suppliers, and maybe even architects (!)

The paper is available at, where you can also find details of how to express your support for Self-Build Norfolk to your local council.

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