Norfolk Fire & Rescue Services business fire protection advice

As you start to return to work and your business gets up and running again we at Norfolk Fire and Rescue service just want to remind you about a few things you may not have considered to ensure you, your staff and your property are safe from fire.

  • Are you currently employing fewer staff than usual or have new temporary staff?
  • Is any part of your building unoccupied or locked up that people would normally have access to?
  • Has the way you check your fire alarm system, fire extinguishers or emergency lighting changed?
  • Do you currently have higher than normal stock or waste levels?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then please review your fire risk assessment.

We have attached a short leaflet with some advice on what to consider.

If you have any queries or want some more advice please don’t hesitate to contact us (details below.)

We hope you are doing everything you can to stay safe during this difficult time and thank you for your efforts to ensure the safety of your premises and staff.


Fire Protection Department - Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service
0300 123 1669

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