Norfolk manufacturer reaping rewards 'Down Under'!

The Agricultural Division of TekPro, which is possibly best known for its’ development and manufacture of the Samplex range of bulk samplers, is currently flying the flag for British manufacturing in Australia. Although TekPro has been receiving orders from around the globe for several years now, the recent introduction of the CS6000 has opened new doors to many larger storage facilities 'Down Under'. Larger articulated vehicles required a new method for taking samples in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

The CS6000 rail systems, which have a sampling area of 14m -28m, allow a variety of vehicle sizes to be sampled with ease and confidence by the operative. The representative samples use air to blow them back to a control area, which allow operators to be in a clean and safe environment throughout the process.

TekPro are specialists in electro-mechanical engineering and are based in North Walsham, Norfolk. The Samplex range of samplers has been manufactured for 25 years in 2014 and the company prides itself on retaining customers from 1989 to today. TekPro enjoys a reputation for product quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. Substantial overseas orders have recently been placed which have enabled an increase in staff.

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