Norfolk Misses Out Online

Last Friday we were asked to comment on BBC Radio Norfolk about ONS data that showed 16% of people in the county have never been online. 

We started to think how this figure might impact the Norfolk business community

  • We find that most businesses are aware of the importance of an online presence, but too often companies are not approaching their digital marketing in the same way as their offline marketing. 
  • Preperation for the growth of mobile device usage factors in the plans of less than 10% of Norfolk businesses we have met.

Chamber members tell us of the need for a stronger understanding

  • When we speak to Chamber members at events we find a pressing need for digital marketing consultancy, not only to help grow understanding but to develop actual strategic goals. 
  • Businesses often have a website and social media presence in place because they believe that it is the right thing to do but lack a strategy.
  • Having an overarching strategy in place is  too often a secondary or tertiary concern. 
  • Delivering value to fellow Chamber members and the Norfolk business community as a whole is a priority for us at Yodelay. 

Outsourcing is not always the best solution for SEO and digital marketing

  • To deliver a coherent and data driven digital marketing strategy, you can either bg buy in external talent or take control of the process in house.
  • Taking control in house means greater input and more connectivity to your business goals.
  • There are considerations, especially about how the project is resourced in terms of staff and finances. 

Training one person at a time may not be the best use of resources

  • Sending a single member of staff to an SEO training day and then making them responsible for integrating the knowledge in your business, is not the only option.  
  • Consider sharing the workload among a team and having joint responsibility for implementation.

Free Digital Marketing Consultancy for Norfolk Chamber Members

  • As we develop and grow Yodelay via the launch of the SEO mobile app, our business goals have grown.
  • In turn this has created time to work with local businesses

From March the 1st 2013 we will be offering Norfolk Chamber members the opportunity to receive free digital marketing consultancy.

Seize the opportunity to create and refine a digital marketing strategy for your business. 

We will spend time in house, helping you develop a strategy for your business online AND review how you can use existing resources to deliver it. 

The consultancy is offered without expectation of any 'sale'.

We will simply impart the knowledge for which we have become well known. 

Time is limited, so we will help companies on a first come basis. To receive free consultancy please contact our office directly.

Call Keir or Duncan on 0844 8797 616 to book your consultancy session.


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