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We are thrilled to announce that the Tudor Lodge Consultants Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team is working closely with Keren’s Nursery, an award-winning chain of nurseries in North London. Keren’s Nursery has a number of branches in Hampstead Garden Suburb, Belsize Park and Holland Park, all of which are hugely popular. We are working to increase the online leads acquired by Keren’s Nursery in the form of enquiries for visits to see the nurseries and placements of children.

Started in 2004 by the current directors, Keren’s Nursery has grown from being run in a house with just three children, to many more children being cared for and educated across three growing branches. Furthermore, they have been repeatedly awarded an Outstanding rating by Ofsted.

What We are Doing for Keren’s Nursery

Keren’s Nursery approached us with an already functioning website, but have found that it is not fully fit for purpose and does not properly and efficiently serve users and prospective customers and clients. With a distinct lack of leads through their website, getting up the rankings on Google is more important than ever.

As with many SEO projects, the first step is cleaning up and optimising what they have to ensure that they get maximum benefit from the works already completed in the past:

Secure Hosting – Their website was not hosted on a securely encrypted server with an SSL certificate. This meant that the site was potentially vulnerable to malicious attacks from both bots and hackers online. This is something Google does not like and looks down upon. By installing and implementing an SSL certificate, Keren’s Nursery’s website has ben secured and now presents users with the desired ‘https’ prefix.

Meta Data – Another of Google’s crucial factors for good SEO and a strongly ranked site is optimised meta data, comprising the meta titles and meta descriptions of a website. With little meta data present, we are working on that of Keren’s Nursery to ensure that Google is able to crawl and appropriately rank their website.

Broken Links – Broken links on websites point users and therefore Google and other search engines to a ‘dead’ page, usually in the form of a 404-error page. As an established site, having had little attention to SEO detail in the past, we have worked to clean up many broken links for the website, making for a faster and better-read website for both Google and users who will no longer be sent to dead, non-existent pages.

Online PR and Links – Ensuring a website has strong online PR and strong links pointing to it is crucial in the world of SEO. By having strong links, websites demonstrate an increased degree of trust with Google, which acts as a trust signal for search engines, often leading to higher rankings. Furthermore, with much of the online PR generated from websites with larger readerships, Keren’s Nursery can expect increased traffic to their site of good quality.

Our Plans Moving Forward

With so much achieved so far at this early stage, we are planning to improve the look and feel of the Keren’s Nursery website to improve the user experience as well as the SEO and conversion rates. we look forward to many more successes with the whole team at Keren’s Nurseries.


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