Online course from the Barefoot Entrepreneur and Pearson to help entrepreneurs start up

It comes as no surprise that the number of people starting their own enterprise is increasing as more and more people turn their passions into a day-to-day job. Many ‘olderpreneurs’ find that with the extra time on their hands after retirement they can finally focus on the one thing they’ve wanted to do but may have never got round to doing.

But for anyone thinking of starting an enterprise, no matter what their age, it can be a daunting thing. That’s why Love to Learn, an online division of Pearson, teamed up with Robert Ashton, the Barefoot Entrepreneur, to develop this exclusive learning course.

“I wanted to make people’s business start-up journey fear-free, fun and fruitful,” said Robert, “74% of businesses in the UK are made up of just one person. Starting up a business is a lot for a single person to manage but now they can work through it with me.”

Made up of eight units, the course takes you through every step of the way from just rough business ideas through to launching and even taking on your first employee when you decide to expand.

You’ll find activities and exercises to work through that will help you narrow down your options. These answers and notes will be saved in an online workbook that you can access at any time of day or night – you can even dip into the course whenever you want and don’t have to proceed in a set order.

Your workbook will contain parts that you’ll be able to tweak and lift straight into your business plan, so rather than trying to tackle the plan all in one go, you’ll be working towards it in manageable chunks without even realising!

The course, Start Your Own Enterprise, is available from the Love to Learn website ( and has a special introductory price of £28.50 for a limited period.

For more information about how Robert can help you get your business started, visit his website You can follow him on twitter - @RobertAshton1

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