Pioneering electrically driven LN2 unit launched

An electrically driven nitrogen pumping unit – what is thought to be a world first – has been developed by Prior Power Solutions.

Driven by a gap in the market for emission-free units in ATEX environments, the Great Yarmouth company has undertaken considerable research and development to bring this revolutionary product to the market.

The so-called ENP-90 utilises proven VSD technology to offer emission-free operation without compromising on operational efficiency or accuracy of control.

The units have the added benefits of not requiring harmful hydraulic and gearbox oils nor consumables – offering both environmental and cost savings.

James Pendle, Project Engineer at Prior Power Solution says: “this brand-new product ticks a lot of boxes in terms of emissions and meets the changing demands and criteria for our customers.”

“These new units have additional environmental benefits in that they do not require consumables such as filters – thus reducing waste – and indeed offering lower maintenance and reduced running costs.”

Nitrogen converter units are used for both onshore and offshore well service and intervention for oil and gas extraction worldwide. The ENP offers particular advantages for onshore applications due to its quiet running and also for stringent emission control zones. Although electro-hydraulic options are also available, the fully electric version provides optimal environmental impact. There are also options available for remote access and diagnostics.

“ATEX certified engines are increasingly hard to source” explains James Rix, Managing Director. “Our ground-breaking electrically-driven nitrogen unit exemplifies our commitment to providing cleaner power products to our customers.”

Prior Power Solutions, the new name for Prior Diesel has recently undergone a total rebrand. “We are developing a range of products and services that will offer the market alternative and cleaner energy solutions and help companies integrate this technology into their normal operating environment and reduce harmful emissions. The ENP-90 demonstrates the rationale behind our rebrand and gives companies more choice on how the equipment they require is powered.”

“Having already invested in this new pioneering ‘clean’ product, it is available on shorter build and delivery schedules than traditional units” says James Rix.

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