Positive wellbeing for staff at EN promotes success

  • East Norfolk Sixth Form College

East Norfolk Sixth Form College has teamed up with Oils4Life Therapy, Gapton Hall as part of the College’s wellbeing day for staff.

Teaching and support staff were able to book appointments throughout the day and choose massage treatments that were most appropriate for them. As part of the wellbeing day, staff were also able to take part in a variety of other activities including art workshops, a treasure hunt, leadership coaching, yoga, lunch and a walk, time management, first aid, spinning, online gaming and more.

Principal Dr Catherine Richards explained "The wellbeing day at East Norfolk is one of the important ways for us to support our staff in ways that they choose. Education is a highly pressurised part of the public sector so looking after our staff is extremely important to us. Staff who are well looked after are in the very best position to provide our students with the very best educational experiences."

All staff were able to choose options that were most suitable for them and would allow them to de-stress most effectively. They also had the opportunity to focus on planning, marking or other professional development if that is what would allow them to get the most benefit from the day.

Promoting positive wellbeing for staff throughout the year has helped East Norfolk to achieve top results in the East of England for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths courses and introduce many different new initiatives each year such as the Combined Cadet Force starting in September 2019.

The College was extremely pleased to work with Oils4Life Therapy and be able to support this local business. It not only benefits staff but also supports an expanding local enterprise, helping to create jobs for the town.

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