Pupils from Taverham Hall learn more about habitats and food chains

On Friday 10th May Nick Acheson, who does some work for The Norfolk Wildlife Trust, is a very experienced NatureTrek tour leader and has a passion for all things to do with wildlife, visited the school.

He spent time with our Year 4 pupils, took them around the school grounds and spoke about habitats and food chains.

The children were fascinated and commented:

“I was very amazed when Nick told us that wolves, bears and beavers used to live right where we were standing.”

“It was really exciting. I learned about the lichen and moss growing on trees. Hearing the different types of birds was fun too. I also learned about the bacteria that grows under your nails.”

“I was really impressed with how many habitats there really were.”

“I didn’t know that in one pinch of soil there were billions of bacteria.”

“I was surprised that dragonflies started off in the water.”

“I found out that rabbits eat their own poo because it is nutritious.”

“Even we are habitats-for colds! ”

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