Pupils from Taverham Hall Preparatory School enjoy field trip to Apple Store

Year 8 pupils from Taverham Hall Preparatory school enjoyed their trip to the Apple store in Norwich where they had the opportunity to create their very own music using GarageBand on the latest Macbook Pro laptops.

This is a regularly run annual trip and one which generates quite a lot of excitement as the pupils look forward to learning more about the latest software applications in the fun Apple Store environment. The Apple store team especially tailor the Field Trip day to set new challenges for our Year 8 pupils .

Apple provided a welcome surprise this year by not only supplying a special Apple Education t-shirt to each pupil at the end of their session but also a super cool wristband / USB stick combo for them to keep and put their work onto.

Here’s what the pupils thought of their Field Trip:

“I enjoyed the freedom of making our own music, there were no boundaries.”

“I loved discovering new techniques and the result was brilliant.”

“It was fun to find out new things and know that I can come back anytime.”

“It was really fun making music, especially the funny sounds it came with.”

“It was really fun to mix the different sounds together – thank you for everything.”

“I really enjoyed making the music as we could add our own music freedom. Loved the t-shirt and usb.”

“I really enjoyed the songs we made. It was really rewarding.”

“There were lots of choices of music so the songs were really good. Really enjoyed the morning thanks.”

“Good hip, liked using apple.”

“I loved the technicality of creating a musical piece, thank you!”

“I liked making music.”

“Best trip ever!”

“I loved making music on GarageBand.”

“It was fun.”

“The Apple store trip was legendary plus we got cool freebees.”

“I  really enjoyed the music that we all made, it was awesome!! “

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