QMS award National Trust (Wales) with Environmental Certification as they continue to protect goldmines and green spaces across the UK.

On 28th March 2013, QMS presented the National Trust (Wales) with the ISO 14001 Certification for environmental management, which, when combined with their Green Dragon level 5, ensures the quality and accuracy of their UK environmental processes.

The National Trust, founded in 1895, was given its first few acres of land on the cliff top at Dinas Oleu, in Wales. Since then the Trust has grown substantially and in 1941 they inherited the Dolaucothi estate, 2,500 acres of farmland, including the only known Roman Gold mines in the whole of the UK.

As you can imagine with all the gardens, farmland, nature reserves, villages and historic houses that the trust preserve the job of managing their environmental impact is a big one.

By gaining the ISO 14001 Certification, the National Trust have given customers and suppliers greater confidence in their services, with the Standard demonstrating that the processes and procedures they have in place fully recognise and support their environmental responsibilities.

Justin Albert, Director of the National Trust (Wales), reports “Environmental management and sustainability is now hardwired in to the day job, being fit for the future is business as usual and all too often sustainability is seen as a bolt on rather than integral to the business.”

So far this year the National Trust (Wales) have seen a 33% reduction in fossil fuel usage, compared with their 2009 baseline and their work in the renewable sector has seen a positive return, with a £350,000 cost saving and an income of £100,000.

Barbara Baird, Lead Assessor at QMS for the National Trust reports “It was evident throughout my privileged involvement in this assignment that the National Trust team involve their local community and softly bridge the gap to enlighten visitor property knowledge. They have a clear, meaningful focus and the personnel I met, together with their network of volunteers, deserve this public congratulation for their hard work and achievements to date.”

Moving forward, the National Trust (Wales) have already been trialing the use of electric vehicles with the aim of further impacting their carbon footprint and they will continue to identifying applicable legal, statutory and related requirements, communicating these to their team so that environmental management processes can be implemented effectively.

Barbara adds “The Trust deserves an acknowledgement and I hope that their creative, sensitive and applied passion for historic preservation and the environment will continue for the benefit of current and future generations.”

To find out more about the National Trust (Wales) you can visit their blog at: www.ntenvironmentalwork.net

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