Quest for enterprise heroes

Building on a successful start in Norfolk, social enterprise Swarm Apprenticeships Ltd have partnered with the RSA to strengthen their quest in Norwich to liberate and support young and talented business heroes through enterprising apprenticeships.

Founded by successful entrepreneur and bestselling business author, Robert Ashton, Swarm aims to develop young business apprentices across Norfolk, Suffolk and soon Essex. They support them to become commercially aware, enterprising and effective to their employers to deliver the greatest return on investment for businesses. Swarm offers a unique enterprise qualification and strives to grow enterprising attitudes in young people.

The RSA backs Swarm as part of their Catalyst initiative which supports RSA Fellows to get their innovative ideas and projects growing into new areas.

On April 14th 2016, Swarm strengthens their quest with an introduction event for local enterprising business owners who want to give a real opportunity for a young person to make an impact in their business and become an Enterprise Hero. The event will be held at The Garage from 4.30pm. Local employers are encouraged to attend to hear from Swarm’s Founder, partner representatives about why the quest is important to the local area, and current business and apprentice champions. Sister events will also run in Colchester (Mercury Theatre, March 3rd) and Ipswich (UCS, March 8th).

Swarm's Managing Director, Chris Perry, comments, “This event is an opportunity to find out more about our unique apprenticeship training that focuses on developing both an apprentice’s commercial skills and enterprising attitude. We are looking for enterprising and innovative employers who want to give someone a real opportunity to shine and make their mark in their business. At the event you'll get to find out how, over the last year, Swarm apprentices have already achieved significant impact and return for their employers and become commercially savvy young business professionals who will be the leaders of tomorrow’s economy.”

Find out more about the event and how to book here

Meet some current Swarm business members and Enterprise Heroes…

“I chose Swarm apprentice Harry to do my digital marketing because he understands it! On top of that Harry is enthusiastic about it, spotting opportunities in the digital world all the time and he’s a really great communicator. We’ve given him the empowerment to do all of our product photography for our digital marketing, which is incredibly important to us.” Simon Middleton, Owner and Founder, The Shackleton Company.

“What I felt was different about the Swarm apprenticeship compared to other apprenticeship providers is the focus to coach and develop a more business-like mindset, which I felt would be ideal for someone like me. Life as a Swarm apprentice could not be better. The workshops are both fun and, most importantly, useful and informative, and everyone involved in the running of the apprenticeship is very supportive and clearly wants to help and watch you succeed.” George Balding, apprentice, DSP Supplies.

“Why Swarm? I feel passionately that our education system doesn’t suit everyone. Many young people are pushed down the university route when it isn’t right for them. I feel lucky to have the chance to help a young entrepreneur navigate his first years in business and to have his fresh perspective in my company. I’m glad that Swarm matched us up and remain active in helping us along this journey. It’s going to be exciting to see where it leads us all.” Lorna Burroughes, Owner and Founder, Thrive Networking.

“My Swarm apprenticeship has made the business that I work in more efficient because it’s helped me develop more skills. The opportunities that I’ve been given here are amazing and I feel really grateful for it. It’s different to a normal business apprenticeship because it’s more inventive and you get a lot more involved. Swarm are just so with it and new, and they’re always there.” Berri Lake, apprentice, Ormiston Victory Academy. / 01953 609 752 / 

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