Real Life Bodyguard Immersive Experience

Real Life Bodyguard Immersive Experience

The tide of The Bodyguard has certainly caught our imagination. Over 11 million people watched the concluding episode on Sunday.

Right Angle Corporate have been offering a hugely popular Bodyguard Experience for the past three years; designed by former Scotland Yard detectives to give great authenticity. This immersive experience lasts for three hours and clients can expect this:-

  • Protecting The Principle - Weapons disarming (Firearms, Knives and sticks). This also supplements the healthy workforce philosophy and you don’t need to be Jackie Chan!
  • Sharp Shooting - Using simulated firearms (Laser weapons or air weapons). Bodyguards have to be first class shots. Clients will also be shown have weapons are concealed by Bodyguards and how they can be deployed immediately
  • Surveillance Exercise - Clients will be issued with covert radios and state of the art “bugging” and eavesdropping equipment. There is a threat to the principle and this has to be averted. Clients plan using special force’s briefing system. A suspect has to be followed using covert foot surveillance methods, usually the domain of the police and security services.

Scores are apportioned to each team. The winners receive some Scotland Yard branded items, marking the fact they are now Bodyguards.

Further details can be found on Right Angle’s website via:-

For further information contact former Detective Chief Inspector Steve Gaskin on 01603 864647 or

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