Remote working security concerns? 3 months FREE protection. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 employees or 1000, with your team working remotely your business is more at risk. 

Sadly, cyberattacks preying on Coronavirus fear seem to be spreading just as fast as the illness and with your staff working remotely you are more vulnerable. Scams being sent worldwide are offering cures, tax refunds, safety advice and asking for donations. 

Now is the time to act because prevention is much easier than cure and you need to adapt now that working situations have changed.  

SpamTitan, our email filtering service, has a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate. 

SpamTitan is normally £2.50 per mailbox per month. But, to help protect you in this turbulent time we’re offering SpamTitan to you for FREE for the first 3 months.  

If you would like to discuss our advanced level of protection email us at or call us on 01284 700015.


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