Round House Quarterly Review


Here at Round House we are going through fundamental changes, to become a more customer centric organization and to be considered “Best in class”. We have a clear vision and strategy that will help us to form close partnerships with our existing and prospective customers, our suppliers and with the local community. In the first ¼ of this year we have seen growth of over 30% compared to last year and have invested in new equipment, recruitment, training and development of our staff as well as bringing in the next generation of talent with our new graduate scheme. We have restructured our board of Directors and management team to deliver the next phase of our strategy to drive through the improvements needed on our journey towards becoming a world class metal fabricator. With the implementation of 5s and Lean manufacturing initiatives we will become more cost competitive and reduce lead times as well as offering some new services like upstream design support to our customers. The full integration of our MRP system will enable us to capture live data, manage capacity, schedule more efficiently and will further improve our level or responsiveness to customer demand.

The effects of these changes can be seen already and due to our growth in revenue 18% more staff and will offer further job opportunities for the local community as the effects of the fundamental changes we have made continue to grow our business.

Our team at Round House believes in “working together, winning together” 


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