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Have You Got Your Marketing Budget Right?

Businesses on average will spend upto 11.4% of their total company budgets on marketing.

With statistics as high as this it is essential that you ensure your company that your marketing budget is optimised to your business objectives and goals.

At Netmatters, we have created a handy new tool to help businesses review their current marketing budget.

Our Marketing Budget Calculator

We have created our free to use marketing budget calculator. This has been created to help provide guidance on what budget your business will need, to align your marketing budget with your specific business goals and targets.

We’ve made it easy for you to determine whether you are getting long term value from your current marketing budget. All you need to do is fill out the fields in the marketing calculator with information about your values and goals and it will provide you with figures you should be considering for your marketing spend to achieve the amount of new customers from your marketing efforts.

Visit our Marketing Budget Calculator today and see what your current budget will potentially bring to your business, you can find our calculator on the following page

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