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We are working closely with Vaccoda Design on Mediclub Financial Services’ website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Mediclub Financial Services are one of the best-known names across the dental and medical fields and are run by established investment firm Chantler Kent Investments. Having provided a fee based advisory service and various other financial services and offerings, they approached Vaccoda with regards to their website.

Having provided Mediclub with a new, updated website run off the WordPress content management system (CMS) for ease of use and improved functionality, Mediclub faced the challenge of only limited online users finding them via organic searches [those via search engines]. We have therefore commenced a structured SEO programme to ensure their rankings are improved, relevant and closely tied with their business goals.

What we have done

With a fairly large website that incorporates a regularly updated news section, Mediclub have not faced the challenges of many others; not having anywhere near enough content. Rather, a problem faced by their website has been a lack of SEO-friendly crawling factors, content requiring updating and improving with regards to their services and a backlink profile that needs strengthening.

Prior to undertaking those improvements, we undertook comprehensive keyword research as part of a ‘discovery’ phase to identify and work with the keywords for Mediclub’s targets and service offerings. Having found a range of relevant keywords such as ‘dental practice finance’ amongst others, we have planned a number of landing pages to support them.

These pages include a significant amount of original and informative content, fully optimised meta data, internal and external links and various other SEO ranking factors. The aim for these pages is to rank highly across Google and other search engines for a plethora of relevant terms. Filling these pages with useful content also means that users are far more likely to engage with the site and get in touch with Mediclub.

We have also undertaken an approach to their site speed which is becoming an increasingly important factor in SEO. Because slower sites show increased bounce rates and decreased engagement, we have been working on the speed of Mediclub. This has entailed a number of development-related updates that we are continuing to work with Vaccoda on implementing.

These include improving load times, decreasing site response times and ensuring there are a minimal number of 301 and 302 redirects across the site; all of which add a number of seconds to the site’s response, having a detrimental effect on the overall speed.

In addition, we have been providing up to date and search engine-friendly meta data; titles and descriptions to all pages. This allows all search engines to better rank and read all pages and appropriately place them online for users. Supplementing the meta data, we have also implemented an xml sitemap and are working on a new structure for the site pages to strengthen it in respect of user experience.

Mediclub have already seen many of their rankings jump significantly including ‘buying a dental practice’ already moving from page 10 to page 6 at this early stage and we are looking forward to the further progress to be made on and off site. We look forward to continuing our work on this exciting project for a well-renowned company in conjunction with Vaccoda Design.

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