Shield H&S Celebrates its First Birthday

With August now here, Shield Health & Safety recently celebrated its one year anniversary since launching and what a year it has been!

Late summer 2014 saw Shield Health & Safety come to fruition, forming from a single ideal – to offer a training service that focuses on customer satisfaction.

By focusing on this ideal, Shield quickly became a successful brand that has seen its client base explode over the past twelve months.

Of course all of this would not be possible without the help of a certain individuals – all of whom deserve a massive thank you:-

First off, Neal & Sheila Carr for their massive support in getting Shield up and flying (without their love and encouragement we would not be here!)

A massive thank you goes out to Shields first three instructors, all of whom helped shape the focus of quality in training and customer satisfaction. Their dedication and professionalism has helped drive Shield forward as they continue to set the bar for a first rate service.

All of our suppliers and designers who helped create the successful Shield Brand.

Debbie Hilliam, Shields Operations Director – who continues to be the driving force of love and support that has made Shield what it is today. She has steered Shield through its first year, helping to drive growth whilst maintaining its core principles

What’s next?

  • Year two has already seen Shields Instructor numbers increase to help maintain our ‘Customer Focus’ ideal – and with our continued customer growth, we will look for new instructors in the coming months.
  • Shield will be moving towards the end of the year to a brand new site so as to help us spread our wings further which in turn offers our clients additional services.
  • Our online booking service is currently under development and when ready, will offer our clients more flexibility in managing their requirements.
  • Shield will be adding to our training portfolio in the coming months so what this space.

On a final note Shield would like to thank all of our clients, without whom none of this would be possible!

For all of your H&S training needs, please visit -

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