SSCS Provides Pipeline Freespan Solution to Total Myanmar

A quantity of SSCS Weighted Frond Mats were supplied to Bibby Offshore Singapore on behalf of Total Myanmar for installation along one of their pipelines on the Yadana field in the Andaman Sea to provide freespan rectification and future protection from scour in water depths of approximately 50m.

Bibby Offshore executed the deployment of the Mats from the DP2 ROV support vessel, Bibby Spring, utilising the SSCS installation frame and the Quasar Work Class ROV. The ROV was able to manipulate the Frame subsea without any issue, and deployment of the Mats was executed within the allocated time frame; a total of 2 days was allocated for Frond Mat installation, and the full quantity were deployed in under 24 hours.

Initial feedback from Bibby following Mat deployment indicates that “Total are happy with the installation”.

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