A Stitch in Time…

Have you seen the lovely old sewing machines we have on display in the window of our Norwich Sunblinds St Benedict shop at the moment? If not do drop by and take a look, they’re delightful old machines and have attracted lots of interest.

One is an old German Titan machine dating from the early 1900s, and the other is a Singer sewing machine that was purchased in 1933 (and still has its receipt). This date ties in perfectly with Singer’s introduction of the ‘featherweight sewing machine’ in 1933 that made it more practical for many more people to have sewing machines at home.

In 1939 however, Singer had to stop the production of sewing machines for a while to help with the war effort.

Singer’s name has been synonymous with domestic sewing for over 150 years, and it is incredible how the machines have changed in that time. The Singer was the first machine to sew a ‘continuous, reliable, straight or curved seam’. Now they operate almost like computers with a dazzling array of options for sewing and embroidery.

But, however good the sewing machines, the end product depends on the skill of the machinist. At Norwich Sunblinds we are very proud that we have some incredibly creative and talented staff who are not only skilled at the items they make for us which can include all styles of blinds and curtains together with tie-backs, pelmet valances and cushions, but who thoroughly enjoy sewing and creating for pleasure in their own time.

The sewing machines were brought in by Julie Budrey, our supervisor at the Norwich Sunblinds’ St Benedict’s Street shop. The singer sewing machine is owned by Julie’s sister; originally it belonged to their Great Aunty and has been passed down the family through the generations. The Titan machine belongs to Julie’s mother. Both machines have created many hundreds of miles of stitching over the generations and created hundred of garments from curtains and soft furnishings to dresses and school clothes for their family and friends.

Today Julie and her sister are still very passionate about making clothes, soft furnishings and undertaking alterations for themselves and others; this is also true of many of the staff who work for Norwich Sunblinds. The team at the factory in Attleborough make the blinds, and the curtains, and the soft furnishings are made by a dedicated and skilled local workforce, They are all very talented workers, and many of them carry their skills through to their leisure time and have a real passion for creativity.


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Norwich Lanes Showroom: 8 St Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4AG

Attleborough Factory and Showroom: 11-14 Haverscroft Ind Est, New Road, Attleborough, NR17 1YE



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