Success at Great Yarmouth Superfast Internet Demo Day

Speed tests of 40mbps download and 35mbps upload were demonstrated by Symmetris Broadband Ltd at the Superfast Broadband demonstration hosted by FineLine Communications last Thursday at their head office on Harfreys Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth.  
Businesses were able to gain first hand experience of how quicker internet connectivity could improve their efficiency and boost sales.   Many of the businesses were based on Harfreys and Gapton Hall Industrial Estates where a typical speed test indicates speeds of 2Mbps download and .5Mbps upload, inadequate for all but the simplest of tasks.

“We have the ability to deliver speeds upto 80x faster than those typically achieved over traditional copper and speeds upto 1Gbps using these technologies in around the Great Yarmouth area.  I never tire of the look on peoples faces when we demonstrate the speeds and capabilities of Symmetris to businesses who need a solution to slow broadband, its whats holding them back!” said Michelle Brumfield, Symmetris Managing Director.

Kevin Boyne Managing Director of Swift Taxis “We have been using the Symmetris system since it was first launched in November 2012, the main benefit being reliability and massive speed increases. We'd not consider returning to the old ADSL connection”.  

“Its great to see businesses witnessing what a symmetric (fast upload as well as download) can do for their business company sends 50-100 emails a day with PDF attachments which tied up their ADSL line for upto 5 minutes at a time, others in the office were unable to do anything whilst uploading!  After seeing Symmetris they immediately saw the 80x speed increase in sending emails as a total 'no brainer'!” remarked Darren Weavers, Symmetris Great Yarmouth Project Manager.

Symmetris specialises in delivering fast, reliable broadband without the need of a telephone line using a combination of hybrid fibre optics and state of the art 5G wireless technology. Serving both business and residential customers.   With equipment mounted on a 250ft mast, recent surveys have revealed customers up to 8 miles away are still able to receive speeds of 20Mbps (upload and download).  Symmetris can save a business money because typically businesses are forced to spend many thousands of pounds a year on equivalent services from the incumbent telecoms providers who can only offer this performance through long contract “leased lines”.

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