Swarm is in..

We did it, we are in...Swarm is so proud to announce that we have been selected to be part of the Future50 and joins the class of 2016.

The Future50 is designed to recognise Norfolk and Suffolk's most innovative companies who are the region's 'ones to watch' and are individuals and organisation that are creating jobs, growing at a faster rate than others and that have the drive and ambition needed to be leaders in their sector.

This recognition means so much for us as a company, but more importantly it gives recognition to the young Swarm apprentices who are out there helping businesses grow and demonstrating the same enterprising values and attitudes that are inherent in Future50 organisations. One day it will be these same Swarm apprentices who will be the leaders of tomorrows Future50 companies,driving innovation and propelling the local economy forward."

We really look forward to working with the class of 2016 and the partners of the Future50 to help grow Swarm across the region and beyond.

Chris Perry- CEO ,Swarm Apprenticeships

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