A taste for the stars

It was roughly 27 years ago when I watched my first Star Wars film, this day was to shape my life in becoming a fully fledged Star Wars fanatic.

Since that day I have watched these films hundreds of times – and as a child spent every spare penny of my pocket money on Star Wars merchandise. So imagine my overwhelming delight when the brief came that would entail getting to work with this iconic brand. It is not every day that you are approached to produce packaging design for Lightsabers.

After initial draft designs we were then supplied with just about every Star Wars image, still and graphic, supplied in a big box and the sender was Lucas Films. With all this imagery the designs came together with ease and then it was off to the London licensors for final approval. This was to be another surreal moment as I sat alongside a full scale model of Yoda whilst critiquing the final designs.

The pack we designed features both Yoda and Darth Vader on the outer and the sleeves for the Lightsabers themselves have been designed to mimic the style of Yoda and Darth Vader's Lightsaber (I told you I was a fanatic). We have worked on some huge brands but for me personally this one has to be up there as I am a self proclaimed Star Wars geek!

These packs include both strawberry and lemon & lime ice lollies and can now be found in most supermarkets including Sainsburys. Naked Marketing would like to say a massive thank you to Icefresh Foods, not just for the amazing opportunity but for making a geeky Creative Director very, very happy. We have enjoyed working in partnership with Icefresh Foods on some amazing brands and were delighted to be runners up in the Hello Kitty design at awards in 2012.

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